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Catamaran Charter Greece

Catamaran charter Greece

Benefits of Sailing on a Catamaran in Greece

There are many benefits of chartering a Catamaran in Greece:

Greece charter catamarans are very popular with sailors due to their great stability, space on the boat and significant safety.

They can be sail or engine-powered, with two engines, one in each hull.

Charter catamarans are popular in Greece because they can be maneuvered easily and can anchor in very shallow waters abounding on the Ionian coast. They are spacious which allows for more privacy. Their panoramic view from the cockpit is spectacular.

Catamarans are a great choice if you get sea sick - their stability will make you feel at home.


Sailing catamarans and children

What to Take When Sailing Around Greece With Children

With children aboard charter yacht you should make sure you are "fully equipped." They get easily bored, get hungry more frequently and you need to make sure they are safe. You have to be prepared for the moments when your child will get bored or restless. It is good to have toys, board games, coloring books or video games at hand, as well as a few of their favorite DVDs. Also, stock up on your child's favorite snacks. Be sure to take enough of their clothes. Take plenty of band-aids for small cuts and scratches and do not forget medicines - in case of seasickness, fever or sore throat. Take extra care if the child is on some prescribed medication. Do not forget sunscreen.

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