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Charter a Bareboat Sailing Boat in Greece

Why Charter a Bareboat Sailboat

Why Charter a Bareboat Sailboat

If you want to spend your vacation with your closest friends and family relying completely on yourself, a bareboat yacht charter is perfect for you. You can arrange your own itinerary and a sailing route. Just remember to bring all your necessary certificates, permits and documents that prove you are able to sail by yourself. On the contrary if you are not a qualified skipper, you can always hire one, but you must be ready to pay all his expenses. Don’t be surprised when they ask of you to pay insurance, local tax or fees. Also you can arrange your activities and route on your own but it would be wise to consider some suggestions from your skipper. This is the perfect way to explore beautiful Greece coastline and to learn and relax at the same time.

Bareboat vs Crewed

Depending on your preferences in sailing you can decide on bareboat or crewed yacht charter. Both have their own advantages. Bareboat yacht charter is perfect for families and close friends who want to spend their holiday in peace and quite. Chartering a bareboat you are depending only on yourself and are responsible for the boat and your family or friends. If you don’t have required set of skills you can always hire a skipper to navigate for you. On the contrary with crewed yacht charter you get a fully crewed yacht with expert sailors and crew members. They will take care of your safety, navigate for you, and introduce you to local cuisine. If you are looking for more luxurious cruise, crewed yacht charter is perfect for you.