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Charter a Crewed Sailing Boat in Greece

Why Charter a Crewed Sailboat

Why Charter a Crewed Sailboat

Crewed yacht charter is perfect for those of you who are not experienced sailors. You will get a professional crew for the maximum comfort on your sailing vacation. Their duty is to keep you safe, to navigate for you and to introduce you to a local cuisine, but you are also free to try and navigate for yourself, and decide on the itinerary. The crew will take you places you might not been able to go by yourself, and tell you interesting stories about different areas. This sailing trip will help you upgrade your knowledge about different cultures. Crewed yacht charter is consummate if you want to relax and enjoy the ride, or if you want to take the wheel and arrange everything according to your wishes.

Skippered vs Crewed

If you choose a crewed yacht charter you'll get a fully crewed sailboat with captain, chef, stewards and deckhands. They will provide you with beverages and meals, and will introduce you to a local culture, habits and amenities. Your comfort and safety is also their concern. Remember you have the ability to make your own itinerary, and can plan everything beforehand. Crewed yachts are tend to be more luxurious then skippered or bareboat. Skippers are usually chosen for their knowledge about popular sailing destinations and of course for their sailing experience in techniques, maneuvers and route planning. They often speak several languages and are familiar with the best bars and restaurants in the area.